November 17, 2013

Gathering #1: "Promises of Isaiah" - From the cantata last year... We'll try to recap some of the harmonies at rehearsal on Thursday. If we end up with mostly melody, that's fine too. I'll explain more at rehearsal. If you still have your cantata book, please bring it! FYI, this song is virtually identical to the scripture reading for this week, so we couldn't pass it up. (just 1 gathering song this week)

Opening: "Shout to the Lord" -

Song after the Gospel: "Lord, I Need You" - ***NEW 2013----RECURRING SONG AFTER THE SCRIPTURE READING*** >> This is the last week for this song

Message: "Seek Ye First" -

Communion: "Power of the Cross" -

Offering: Instrumental (Matt)

Sending : "Go Make a Difference" -

Postlude: "Shout to the Lord" -