December 9, 2018

ARRIVE AT 7:30AM TO WARM UP. We are singing at the 8AM and 9:30AM services.

2nd Week of Advent -- SPECIAL MUSIC TODAY

Gathering #1: "Hope of the World, Emmanuel" - Found in 'Hope', pg 16

Opening: "Prepare Ye the Way" - Found in 'All Is Well', pg 6

Song after the Gospel: "All Is Well" - **NEW 2018**

Message: "Welcome to Our World" - Found in 'Breath of Heaven', pg 67

Communion: "Promises of Isaiah" - Found in "All Is Well", pg 26

Offering: "Magnificat" - Found in 'Breath of Heaven', pg 22

Sending : "Soon and Very Soon"

Postlude: "Prepare Ye the Way" - end, we'll discuss this at rehearsal