August 25, 2019

YES we are having rehearsal on Thursday August 22nd. We will review music for 8/25 and 9/1 (Matt is on vacation both weeks). Please make every effort to attend. Thanks!!

Gathering #1: "10,000 Reasons" - This song has relevance to MTO's Mission Trip that was recently completed

Opening: "Here I Am to Worship" -

Song after the Gospel: "Everlasting God" -

Message: "Open My Eyes" -

Communion: N/A - A recording of "Restless Love" will be played (related to Mission Trip). **Bonnie, be ready to queue up "Open My Eyes" on the keyboard again (just piano and OOHS) if the first song is not long enough.

Offering: Instrumental - Matt, piano

Sending : "Hear the Call of the Kingdom" -

Postlude: none