April 26, 2015

MATT ON VACATION--- Please try to be here this week. Karin Zoril and Kay Simpkin will be subbing for me. Rehearsal Thursday is @ 7:30PM. Even though I will not be here Sunday, I will be here on Thursday to help facilitate the rehearsal, however Karin and Kay will be playing all of the music. Thanks!!!

Gathering #1: just 1 song today...

Gathering #2: "Beautiful Savior" - KARIN

Opening: "Almighty" - KARIN

Song after the Gospel: "The Power of the Cross" - KAY

Message: "Jesus Draw Me Close" - KARIN

Communion: "As the Deer" - KAY

Offering: Instrumental - KAY

Sending : "Come People of the Risen King" - KAY

Postlude: "Almighty" - KAY